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have a moving platform created in the lvl, but need to create a collision area so the my player can stand on it, when i use the this.body.kinematic = false;, the platform can be moved out of the way, not what i wanted need to be able to jump on it removed the this .body.kinematic = false; from the code now can not interact with the platform in any way, so need to have a way to have a collision body so that can stand on object, but when add the kinematic the platform behaves in a way that is not what i want, the code for what i currently have is given below

 *  moving platforms Entity
game.MovingPlatformEntity = me.Sprite.extend(
      init: function (x, y, settings)
         // save the area size as defined in Tiled
         width = settings.width;

         // define this here instead of tiled
         settings.image = "platform_2";

         // adjust the size setting information to match the sprite size
         // so that the entity object is created with the right size
         settings.framewidth = settings.width = 64;
         settings.frameheight = settings.height = 32;

         // call the parent constructor
         this._super(me.Sprite, 'init', [x, y , settings]);
         // add a physic body
         this.body = new me.Body(this);
         // turn off gravity
         this.body.gravity = 0;

         // add a default collision shape
         this.body.addShape(new me.Rect(0, 0, this.width, this.height));

         // configure max speed and friction
         this.body.setMaxVelocity(settings.platform_movment_speed, 6);

         // set start/end position based on the initial area size
         x = this.pos.x;
         this.startX = x;
         this.pos.x = this.endX = x + width - this.width;
         //this.pos.x  = x + width - this.width;

         // manually update the entity bounds as we manually change the position

         // to remember which side we were walking
         this.platform_move_left = false;

         // make it "alive"
         this.alive = true;

         this.alwaysUpdate = true;

     // manage the enemy movement
    update : function (dt)
        if (this.alive)
            if (this.platform_move_left && this.pos.x <= this.startX)
                this.platform_move_left = false;
                this.body.force.x = this.body.maxVel.x;
            else if (!this.platform_move_left && this.pos.x >= this.endX)
                this.platform_move_left = true;
                this.body.force.x = -this.body.maxVel.x;
            this.body.force.x = 0;
        // turn off gravity
        this.body.gravity = 0;
        // check & update movement

        // handle collisions against other shapes

        // return true if we moved or if the renderable was updated
        return (this._super(me.Sprite, 'update', [dt]) || this.body.vel.x !== 0 || this.body.vel.y !== 0);

      * colision handler
      * (called when colliding with other objects)
     onCollision : function (response, other) 


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