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Angular nightmare: field of view


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Hi everyone


I hate math. I mean not in the broccoli sense but more like a visit to the dentist. It is required, so deal with it... Anyway, I can best describe my problem with an image:




The way I check whether an enemy is visible and falls within the field of view is as follows:

var maxViewDistance = 250;  var distBetw = getDistanceBetween(Player, Enemy);var fov = 60; if(distBetw > maxViewDistance) enemy.visible=false;else{ var playerAngle = player.angle; var angleBetween = angleBetween(Player, Enemy); var check = compare(playerAngle , angleBetween ) if(check > fov)  enemy.visible=false; else  enemy.visible=true;}

This works! However, first I actually have no idea why. I figured it out by console.logging the variables. Second, it sucks that I cannot figure out the vector way. I wanna bloody understand it :(


So returning to the image. Blue means known values, red unknown. I fail at getting the end vectors for the max view distance lines (question marks). I know that I have to do a scalar multiplication to alter the length of a vector. However, how do I account for the fov angles?


If I had those 3 points, I could check enemy vector against triangle (got that function working ironically). Plus I could also draw a fancy fov triangle as an overlay.



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Finding the coordinates of the question marks positions should be pretty easy...


q.x = camera.x + Math.cos(angle) * maxViewDist;

q.y = camera.y + Math.sin(angle) * maxViewDist;


You might need to flip the y sign if your y axis points down rather than up.

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