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Looking for freelance Phaser 3 devs


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Dear Phaser 3 developer community,

My co-founder and I are creating a multiplayer arcade based on Phaser 3 games. We plan to rapidly expand our game catalogue once we have launched our MVP, and we would like to connect with experienced Phaser 3 freelance developers who are interested in helping us deliver fun and exciting games for our players.

We have written a plugin for Phaser 3 which adds turn-based networked multiplayer functionality to Phaser games. This has been successfully integrated with a demo game, and now we are ready to add the initial games.

We are looking to launch our arcade with three games - Reversi (Othello), Chess, Checkers.
We will need the games to be created and integrated with the rest of our product flow. This will include:

  • Setting game options(Host)
  • Creating a lobby (Host)
  • Joining Lobby(Guest)
  • Starting the game
  • Game conclusion

We have prepared a detailed specification, including the UI flow, that will provide more detail. We would be keen to show you what we are after (We will show you the spirit of what we want and leave creative freedom to you).

We hope this is of interest to some of the great developers who have shared their Showcase and WIP material in the forum! If interested could you please provide some contact information and we will get in touch.

Mike & Charlie

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