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Tile bleeding on Firefox


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For the sake of self-training I’m building a cheap Mario Land game-template, trying to make it the way you are supposed to :

Everything works fine but I have bleeding issues with my tilemap, and I really don’t get it…

I found lots of advices on the subject but none of it is working.
I mean I already :

  • extruded my tileset (which I never did on previous projects)
  • tried any combination of pixelArt, autoRound and roundPixels game params
  • added cameras.main.roundPixels = true (which did nothing)
  • tried both canvas and webgl with the same result

Extruding helped a lot, things where worse before it…

On Chrome it seems ok (although the pixel font is blurry, but I made another post on it) :


On Firefox it's not fine at all :


On previous projects I used to upscale all my assets (by 2 or 4), which seemed to resolve that kind of issues… but it seems to me an ugly workaround when you work with low-rez pixel-art; like an esthetic nonesense ?
The game is 160x144 (game boy rez)

Anyway, I don’t get it, because in the Phaser 3 exemples the tilesets that are used are not upscaled, not even extruded, and averything seems to work fine !

Any help or idea or advice or just any kind of point of vue on it ?

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