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is it possible to access pixel data of single image in javascript? I have only found example of people using context.getImageData() to get the canvas pixel data but I need the image data so I can draw different color of images. is this possible?


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Yes. context.getImageData() gets you an object with 3 properties: width, height and data. The last of these is an array of pixel data. 4 elements per pixel: red, green, blue and alpha. The last means transparency. You can read and write the elements of this array as you like and then context.putImageData() when complete (don't put after every change - performance would be awful). I usually add 2 methods to ImageData for pixel read/write:

/* Returns an array with 4 elements: RGBA. */
ImageData.prototype.getPixel = function (x, y)
{ var i = (this.width * Math.round (y) + Math.round (x)) * 4;
  // NB: JavaScript will try to index arrays with non-integers!
  return [this.data [i], this.data [i + 1], this.data [i + 2], this.data [i + 3]];

/* rgba is an array with 4 elements: RGBA. Ignores transparent pixels (A = 0). */
ImageData.prototype.setPixel = function (x, y, rgba)
{ if (0 === rgba [3]) return;
  var i = (this.width * Math.round (y) + Math.round (x)) * 4;
  this.data [i] = rgba [0];
  this.data [i + 1] = rgba [1];
  this.data [i + 2] = rgba [2];
  this.data [i + 3] = rgba [3];

Generally when I am wanting to do things on the canvas I do it in stages, some stages use standard context methods, other stages switch to pixel data as above. Keep the number of switches small.

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hey @grelf thx for the code but how do I apply this to the image? what I am trying to do is have a single .png file with flag shape in it and then change the color of that flag according to the team color

Edit: And what I should have said is that I have done this type of thing before, many times. I just can't figure how to get access image's data

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putImageData() into the main canvas using the ImageData object that you have been working with from the hidden canvas. The ImageData object, once obtained, is not tied to any particular canvas, it is just a collection of pixel data.

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I have some weird error when I try to use getImageData()


flag = new Image();
flag.src = "flag.png";
//flag.crossOrigin = "Anonymous";
testImageData = null;

flag.addEventListener('load', function() {

var canv = document.createElement("canvas");
canv.width = flag.width;
canv.height = flag.height;
var ctx = canv.getContext("2d");
ctx.drawImage (flag, 0, 0);

console.log(">>> " + canv + " " + flag + " -- " + flag.width);

testImageData = ctx.getImageData(0, 0, canv.width, canv.height);

, false);




test.html:51 Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'getImageData' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': The canvas has been tainted by cross-origin data.
    at Image.<anonymous>



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34 minutes ago, grelf said:

I would create the onload function before setting flag.src, so the event handler is available before loading starts. I am not sure whether this will solve your problem but it might.


nope did not. thx



fortunately this was fixed by:  --allow-file-access-from-files  argument for chrome

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Ah, yes that makes sense. I was just about to write that the "cross-origin" thing was a clue. I use Netbeans IDE (free) which has its own lightweight localhost server so I can run tricky things from local files without me having to set anything else up.

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I am having issue with the transparency, the alpha = 0 turn into white even I'm skipping alpha = 0 pixels

Edit: I think it's because the canvas is white by default. anyway to make it transparent?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Has anyone got the transparency working with putImageData ? It seems that even I put transparent pixels in the imagedata the putImageData ignores those and puts gray pixels or something to the canvas instead


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nevermind. had some spaghetti code that didn't work. now it works and this is a valid method :)

Edit: At least I assume we use the same method as I am using one with off screen canvas. and then that offscreen canvas is drawn using drawImage()

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