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Internet Explorer support - July 2020


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Does any still bother with IE?

Using Pixi v5 and have it setup so that it detects support for WebGL and displays a 'browser not supported' message when not supported.  It should work fine on IE but for some other reason my project doesn't work and it doesn't even display an error in the console.  Really don't want to debug and figure out what's not working, so I'm tempted to just reject any IE browser. 

Does anyone else do this?

Looking at the stats, IE 11 is 1.5% of my visitors.

Also, if you don't bother with IE 11, do you go full ES6?

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We're currently doing "ie mode" by putting 2d canvas on and game to low-end rendering mode ( limited effects, low quality assets etc). Before getting to play client gets a lot of warnings that you should change your browser as MS no longer supports IE and it's a bad idea securitywise to use it.

If some user has problems with IE, then no debugging is done for those, just a generic message that official support for IE has ended and you should change the browser.

Also not full ES6 as I'm using Haxe mostly. With typescript projects I use ES5/ES6/ESNext depending on the project and target audience.

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