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Html and coding request help

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The html project is a 2D level editor that simulates a 2D-sandbox game. Since it's for personal use.

I already have code with me I need help with some one who knows to help me. I have tried my self doing this concept of placing is mostly in my expectation but it did not help I am attaching. In the video you can see the cabinet according to the video. Is it possible all assets in the menu can be placed into them?

Since left click is place & erase and right click is select. Maybe make middle-click to pop up a panel to place icons? 

The features i am trying to implement are:

-adding 2nd(or more) pages to the "inventory" (where i select all the game assets) (Annotated in the attached image)

making 4 different selected game-sprites display on top of an individual sprite. (In the editor, the sprite is called "display shelf") 
(An example is the "display cabinet" from a game called the Blockheads.


I really need help in finishing this




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