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How to place sprites inside funky shaped slots

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Refer to attached pic. I have sprites for each of the slot shapes. The idea is that you select one of the pieces (oval or triangle sprite) and then click on the appropriate slot to set it there.  What would be the best way to determine just what that appropriate slot would be?   For example, let's say I select the oval and want to place it in the blue oval slot in the pic.  The oval sprite will have to be rotated as needed and then set within the borders of the blue slot.  How would I make the slot capture the sprite?

Would there be a way to do it with collision detection?

Otherwise, the only thing I can think of is creating a JSON file that stores all the coordinates for every slot.  When the user clicks on a slot, it will compare the coordinates of the cursor with all the coordinates in the JSON file to identify the slot.  That seems like a lot of work.

Anyone have any ideas?



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