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Managing classes and loading of assets in a large scale game project


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I'm developing an educational game which has multiple mini-games (around 30 mini games). I have some questions regarding building such a large scale project.

1. Loading Assets

Every mini game has different graphics and backgrounds. So I'm creating a sprite sheet for each mini game (characters, UI etc), and keeping the background as a separate asset from the sprite sheets.

I am then loading all the assets together at the start of the game, and then referring to it when I load each mini game.

Is this method of loading the best approach to developing a large scale game?

2. Managing Loading and Unloading of each mini game

Each mini game is a separate class of a container type. When I load a mini game for the first time, I create the scene with the textures and logic. When I exit the mini game, I only set the visibility of that class to false and reset some variables.

A player can play Game1, exit it and play Game2, and then come back and play Game1 again.

I'm not sure if using visibility is the best approach or should I use addChild/removeChild everytime I load/unload the game. 


So far, I've not had any issues with memory, because I haven't developed that many mini games. But as I am going deeper into building this, I worried about the best approaches to use in building this game.

Looking forward to knowing some thoughts on this.


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