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Newbie question: move tile layer


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I have been playing a little with Melon JS and I really like it. I started with the platformer tutorial which works fine. Now I would like to add a parallax effect to the tile layers as well but I'm stuck. Here's what I tried so far:

1. Add the property "ratio" to the layer - OK it didn't work, it works for image layers only.
2. I have tried to update the layer's position like this:

var layer = me.game.world.getChildByName("Background1")[0];
layer.pos.x = layer.pos.x + 1; // move the layer by one pixel

But it didn't work, the layer didn't move. Funny thing is, if I add a value, say 600, the layer disappears (I guess it's outside the viewport then). If I reset to 0 it appears back again. I can also flip it using layer.flipY(true); So something is working, but I cannot get it moving for some reason.

Any suggestions are well apreciated.

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Thanks for the link, I had actually found it before and I tried the code in the answer, but no luck.

I'm using v8.0.1.

Don't worry, it must be a beginner's mistake that I'm making. I'm still in the beginning and I'm very far from understanding how the whole thing works. I'm sure I'll find it out when I learn more.

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