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I would like to present shortly GARP - a game resolution protocol for Ethereum based coins and ERC20 token.

The idea goes like this:
As a game developer You integrate the GARP protocol and then have access to onboarded crypto currencies. When someone plays Your game he needs to wage any of the onboarded crypto currencies. After the game is played You enter a ladder, which then is resolved every game periode. The top 5 people then get the pot of waged coins back, minus a share which goes to the game developer. So both the game developer and the gamers contribute and win. A lot of the resolution part is configurable, like how to spread the win between developer and gamers, how the distribution for gamers should be done. 

If You are a coin developer or a game developer and find this idea interesting, take a look at:

We have integrated currently two coins: Ether-1 and Atheios. Games with GARP integration can be reached via their portals:
https://play.ether1.org and https://play.atheios.org

A game to showcase can be found here https://carlanes.garp.io

If You are a game developer and find this interesting, reply to this thread.


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