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Tiled tilemap not displaying correctly


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I'm struggling with getting Phaser to use my tilemap that I'm generating using Tiled. I have my game dimensions configured for 640 x 480. In Tiled my map dimensions are 80 x 30 tiles with a tile being 16 x 16. In Tiled things look correct but in the game my sky layer is offset for some reason. However, my ground layer is positioned correctly. I've attached a screenshot of what I'm seeing in the game.

Below is my code for initializing the tilemap and its layers

this.tileMap = this.make.tilemap({ key: `${this.levelKey}-map` })

this.physics.world.setBounds(0, 0, this.tileMap.widthInPixels, this.tileMap.heightInPixels)
this.cameras.main.setBounds(0, 0, this.tileMap.widthInPixels, this.tileMap.heightInPixels)

const skyTiles = this.tileMap.addTilesetImage('level1-sky', `${this.levelKey}-sky`)
this.tileMap.createLayer('sky', skyTiles, 0, 0)

const groundtiles = this.tileMap.addTilesetImage('level1-tileset', `${this.levelKey}-tileset`)

this.groundLayer = this.tileMap.createLayer('ground', groundtiles, 0, 0)
this.groundLayer.setCollisionByProperty({ collides: true })

this.platformLayer = this.tileMap.createLayer('platforms', groundtiles, 0, 0)
this.platformLayer.setCollisionByProperty({ collides: true })



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