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Guidelines for Requests


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If you want to post any requests for help inside this board, please make sure your post contains at least this information:


  • Who you are (when you act for a company/group, introduce them)
  • A few words about the project
  • A description about what exactly you need in skills / help


Optional (but nice to have) information:


  • A time window (so we can also see when the request expires)
  • Payment details


Please do NOT create requests like this:


Need a good artist for collabartions with my project


need help in building casual and social games.
work will be done from work home. Send me a message if you'd like to discuss.



Golden rule of thumb:

The more information you provide, the more likely someone will respond. The less information you provide, the more likely some mod will remove your request.

Thanks! :)

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Hi. I'm Marlena with Friendsforcash.com and HTML5Coin we are looking for Games that can incorporate a crypto currency HTM5Coin to feature on friendsforcash.com. We work with many developers on many projects maybe you would like to come join the fun and enjoy the mutual benefits from many versatile mediums. We can provide exposure to your games on friendsforcash.com. and HTML5Coin is one of the top global cryptocurrencies that is traded on many world crypto markets which opens many opportunities to profit off of your game directly into any currency.

Take a look at the projects and let me know what you think.


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