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tutorial boilerplate black screen on localhost


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Hi melonJS,

I am trying to run the boilerplate tutorial on the local server at localhost8000 as it says in the "readme". I can run it and the tab title says 'boilerplate' so I know it is connected but it the screen remains black. I added the line


to 'play.js'. I named my file with an underscore so it is not 'area01' like in the tutorial.

I added to the index.html, the most recent cdn <script> for melonJS and commented out the old one so you can still see it or make it active again.

I also have changed the value of property 'keepalive' to true from false in the gruntfile.js located at -> boilerplate/gruntfile.js

This made the local server display the melonJS logo/icon one time. Black again afterwards every time.

I have been trying to trace the problem and there is a single error but I cannot locate where it is:

Loading "asar.js" tasks...ERROR

>> ReferenceError: primordials is not defined


I have attached the boilerplate directory that I have been using.




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