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Trying to distort a video textured plane

Alexandre Rangel

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Dear Pixi friends,

I'm trying to distort a plane with a video texture on it, and I'm having the following trouble.
( Maybe breaking changes from PIXI.mesh.Plane to PIXI.SimplePlane ? )
It looks like something has changed when moving from PIXI4 class PIXI.mesh.Plane to PIXI5 class PIXI.SimplePlane that makes it unable to distort some kind of textures. 
I used this Pen (https://codepen.io/osublake/pen/8785174690eabaf5ba99f785b9d3b64e) and I've changed it just  enough so it works on PIXI5. And I got it working. The changes are:

Change 1:

Original Code (Pixi 4):

var grid = new Grid(rows, cols, width, height, beach.vertices);

Changed Code (Pixi 5):

const buffer = beach.geometry.getBuffer('aVertexPosition');
var grid = new Grid(rows, cols, width, height, buffer.data);

Change 2:

Original Code (Pixi 4):

  var tl = new TimelineMax({ 
    repeat: -1,
    onUpdate: grid.update, 
    callbackScope: grid

Changed Code (Pixi 5):

  var tl = new TimelineMax({ 
    repeat: -1,
    onUpdate: ()=>{buffer.update();grid.update();}, 
    callbackScope: grid

And that was enough to get it working:

But, I discovered something strange that prevents the example from working. If you change the texture for PIXI.Texture.WHITE, it works on PIXI4, but stops working on PIXI5:

PIXI4 (working):
PIXI5 (not working):

And this does not happen only with this texture. I found out another texture that SimplePlane can't warp, like this texture:

const video = document.createElement("video");
video.src = "path/to/video.mp4"
const texture = Texture.from(video);

(although this texture works for distorting a video using PIXI.projection.Sprite2s using proj.mapBilinearSprite)

Any clues about how to fix this?
Thank you!

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