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Scale PIxij.js


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I have just started with Pixi.js and I really couldn't find anything about canvas scaling.


Now I am simply using CSS scaling, but the quality is not good enough.


Before this I was using Processing.js and I there I could simply use the ctx.scale() function (and it worked perfectly because I was actually drawing SVG images).


What is the best practice to scale a Pixi.js game?

Can I still use SVGs? I tried using them but in WebGL some textures were being drawn twice or in wrong positions (in CanvasRenderer they worked fine), so I switched to PNG sprites.


Now, if I manage to somewhat scale the game how will be the images scaled? Can I for example save multiple resolution sprites and let Pixi choose the right one? Or can I use the SVG images, draw them separate canvases at the resolution I need and then create TextureFromCanvas?


Waiting for replies from some of the more experienced users :)

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