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HTML5 game developer with strong JS required


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I am looking for a HTML5 game developer with strong JS skills to work on some JS code that I utilize in both HTML5 games and Construct.

I have a custom JS based on the Google Adsense IMA SDK ads.js to serve ads into HTML5 and Construct games.

There are issues serving video ads into iPhone, however, other platforms, Android, desktop and even iPad work fine.

I believe this is to do with making sure the video plays in the same element as the game, so that when the play button on the game is played it creates a user interaction within the game, and then the videos will play.

I need somebody who can fix this

1 - You MUST have access to an iPhone to test as it does not show on an emulator

2 - Experience with Construct2 or 3 would be beneficial, but not essential

3. Absolutely must have very strong JS skills

The JS sits outside of the game and is called from the index.html. Hopefully it's just a fix to the JS without touching the game code. It's currently integrated into one HTML5 game and multiple Construct games. Once it's fixed I'll also have a second task of some integration work into several HTML5 games, along with some other tweaks which are part of it.

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