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Scaling pre-existing textures


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Hi all,

I have to rework a large Phaser project and slightly adjust the scale on all the loaded pngs to properly display on a monitor that does not have a square pixel aspect ratio.   I could go in and set the scaleX of each sprite, but that would be a chore.  I worked out this possible solution instead: (eventually being applied to all the pngs)

//scale amount
var sx=0.9;
var sy=1;

//get texture and scale
var src = this.textures.get('png').getSourceImage();
var dst = this.textures.createCanvas('png-scaled', src.width * sx, src.height * sy);
var context=dst.getContext('2d');
context.scale(sx, sy);
dst.draw(0, 0, src);


Is this the best approach to achieve this?  Are there any performance loses due to the texture now being a canvas and not the original png image?



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