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Browser based Pirate Theme Game Needed. Cruise and Collect Coins, Fire on Other Players

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Here is the game I would like to have made.  I have a good budget for this game to made now, let's talk if you're interested. I found something similar on this site but it's too simple, but a great start please check this game for referrence and if you know of any other similar games or out of the box code you can modify please let me know.  https://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/30728-piratebattleio-new-io-game/?tab=comments#comment-176148

Requirements - 

Technical 1) Website visitor who is connected with Web3 wallet is automatically registered with their profile, I can help with that part if you are unfamiliar, but I mention it because the game should store all their activity in database for all time.  Must have Daily, Weekly, Monthly leaderboards tracking all players ever and the amount of coins they collected so a record of all coins ever collected can be tracked and displayed on site.  

Technical 2) Should run in browser, metrics suggest most visitors have med/high end office laptops and some gaming laptops, no mobile compatibility necessary.  

Technical 3) I'm sure there is more I don't know to ask

User Experience: When I log onto the page I see my profile is automatically created. I can edit the name of my ship and add my country flag that will automatically skin my ship with my National colors, so if I choose Chinese the Ship is painted Red with a Yellow Star on the hull and a Chinese Flag can trail this ship or be on mast as long as its easily identifiable.  I click play and I start sailing on the Sea, there are pirate songs and ocean sound effects, I can control volume of the pirate music or the Ocean Sound Effects, I can turn off music, I can turn off sound effects.  The ship by default is slow and only has one cannon on one side and can withstand very little damage before going into a mode where it must be fixed before it can continue play but by default I am playing as soon as I finish my profile.  I am zoomed in to see my immediate surroundings including some coins spinning, I can navigate towards those coins and when I touch a coin it is collected and shows in my collection.  I can zoom out and see other ships, I can zoom all the way out and see the whole map.  I can navigate towards other ships when zoomed out but I can't collect coins while zoomed out but there is a compass and I can go in the direction of the other ships using my compass when zoomed back in collecting coins. When I come into range of another ship I can pursue it and do battle.  The ship can only fire from left, right, and from behind. So I can get broadside of another ship and fire my cannon(s).  I can change my perspective to see ship from the deck instead of birds eye view to fire my cannons (or not, depending on level of effort of this feature, maybe future update).  If I destroy another ship it dumps it's treasure chest, all of the coins it has collected since it last ported are exposed and the game alerts all other ships that a chest has sunk in that position.  I can buy a diving suit from the shop and retrieve the chest, the cost of retrieving the chest is 50% of the value of the chest, 50% of the coins go to the players wallet, 50% go to the jackpot wallet.  As admin I can clear the Jackpot wallet manually, the coins will be distributed to the top 10 or 100 on leaderboard manually in backend every week. 

I can buy upgrades when I have enough coins, so for example I can buy a net that I can cast that helps me collect coins when I'm not actively navigating my ship.  I can walk away and leave the ship on cruise control.  I can buy a bigger cannon, the bigger gun has more range and does more damage to other ships but also takes more time to reload and is not as accurate.  I can upgrade my sail to go faster.  I can upgrade my hull to take more damage before I go into repair mode.  I can add a second, third, fourth cannon and each cannon costs exponentially more coins.  I can create my own clan by spending coins, this creates a new flag in the nationality database and I can add my own logo to my flag.  

When this V1 of game is popularized and being actively used with thousands or tens of thousands of users we will add additional features to further enrich the game.  Our website is on a sitegrounds host but we're adding our app to AWS so the AWS cloud can be used unless you propose a better solution must have rock solid security.


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