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incremental loading crashes


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Hello everyone,

I'm pretty new in babylonjs, also in webdev.

I tried to import my model with incremental.babylon file to optimize the performance, cause I have quite large model... I'm working with importMesh function, but when I run in my dev environment on localhost, get console error with 404 server responde (file not found) on every single geometrydata file  =( although it runs with append function, but the control and every other part of the software aren't working, just show the model exactly the same position as I converted in the sandbox (from glb to babylonjs file).

I use webpacker, but I dont have any problem if I run the program with the simple glb or babylon file extension (except that its pretty slow and lagging).

Do you have any idea, why the geometrydata files not be found (its in the folder of the incrementel.babylon file as the quite short document of the topic propose) ? 

Many thanks for any idea, Im suffering with this for days now...


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