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Shadows not visible, objects not selectable and roughness not working


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I'm very new with Babylon js (I started around a week ago).

I'm trying to set up a scene, but I'm having a couple of problems that probably appear quite stupid to someone used to this kind of stuff.


1. I would like to add shadows to the scene. I know that a shadow generator has to be created to do so. The scene is lit using an environment and from what I read environment light don't allow the use of shadows. So I added a directional light to influence the shadows. For some reason, I don't see them in the scene.

Here we arrive to the second question

2. I need to include the meshes I want to project and receive shadows into this shadow generator, pushing them into an array 1 by 1. I am not sure how to select single objects or group of objects imported using the  SceneLoader.ImportMeshAsync function. I was told that after importing a .glb file you have to add .then and the function you wish to be executed to affect the elements. In my example, I used to assign new materials to my meshes. I tried to push the meshes into the shadow array, but apparently is not working. So, the second question is... how do I select a mesh I imported to assign it to the shadow generator array?

3. The third question is partially related. I want to create a floor made of wood. I tried to load a roughness map, but for some reason it seems not reacting to the light as expected. Furthermore, I am not sure how I can make the wood slightly gloss without having it look like a mirror. I tried everything, but from what I understood, depending on the type of material (dielectric or metallic) you create the roughness map using a microsurface property (for dielectric) or metallictexture property (for metallic).


The link to the playground is https://playground.babylonjs.com/#HJS9BN#33


Thank you to everyone who will take a minute to help!
I hope this topic can be helpful to other users too!

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