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2D artists/Photoshop experts for mobile gaming company


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Hi there!

We are looking for a remote artist for our mobile game design team. This is a paid position in a professional and established work environment. Our design team has produced art for some of the world's leading brands for over a decade. Art styles range from concept/painted styles to 'pop' vector.

This position will start with a few hours per week, but the proper candidate should be ready to move to full time if they are meeting requirements.  We need you available and online in our team backend between 8AM and 5PM EST (US) time zone. The position requires strong experience in mobile game art such as animation and typical 2d art workflow as you will be working with animation and development team coordinators with each project. Strong experience in Photoshop CC+ is mandatory, so speed and familiarity with the software is essential. This is a fast paced environment. The right candidate will be comfortable in this environment. The right candidate will have the potential to remain with us as a career, as many already have.

Experience in 3D applications and rendering workflow a plus! Sometimes we may need to render pre-created 3D models into 2D sprites for animating in software.

We are looking for an artist who is passionate about creating art and have their own ideas in parallel to the direction our staff will provide. For example, if we show you a mockup of a project, we would like your mind to instantly jump to ideas that you would like to see in that environment, and be a part of the creative process alongside us. We do not want someone who will only follow a sprite list, and contribute nothing else. We are looking for a creative team member.

The correct candidate must be able to produce very high quality art for our clients, and quickly. The work you will be involved with are very fast turnaround mini-games, meaning from concept sketches to finished product is usually performed in only a few days. That means we need rapid designs that are approved quickly, and iterative updates while the development team begin to include them in the project. While the games are small, the work is very fast paced, but our online team environments make communication and sharing very easy.

Finally, because we often find ourselves creating full mini-games from concept sketches and discussions, we are in constant contact with the artist to explain the project when it begins and perform revision work. You must be able to understand English and communicate quickly without difficulty.

If you are interested in the position, please respond with your hourly salary requirements, portfolio links or examples of work, and best method of chat (Skype etc). Candidates who meet our requirements will be contacted via chat (text only, no worries about Covid hair!) to further discuss the position.

These positions will be filled very quickly!  Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

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Hi Elisa,

Would love to touch base with yourself regarding this and if this is something we can help with.

If you're curious you can see our game art here; https://coldbeverage.studio/category/game-art/ and https://coldbeverage.studio/category/game-user-interface/ to see our user interfaces for games.

Happy to set up a meeting with my director Shane to discuss further if required. Feel free to reach me on discord, email or other social platforms.

Talk soon.

Kind Regards,

? danandhisart#6138
P: Student, Pixel Artist / Animator and Associate Producer
E: [email protected]
W: https://danandhisart.wixsite.com/website
S: https://linktr.ee/danandhisart

Studio: coldbeverage.studio
Bookstore: getabook.today

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