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maximum size for worldwidth


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What you mean by world? If you mean the maximum size the canvas can be, then those limits come from the hardware that is rendering. Usually I wouldnt go over 4k in that.

If on the other hand you mean how large a single container can be (eg. how far away can a sprite be for example) then that would be the maximum floating point value that javascript can handle. So something like 1.7976931348623157e+308. Though at that point a lot of precision is lost.

Or are you using some library on top of pixi that has some world defined? As there's no real world definition directly in pixi.

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14 hours ago, Sara said:

Hello, thank you very much for your answer I use pixi-viewport, there is a concept called worldwidth, worldheight that I do not know exactly what it does

Looking at the sources it looks like that affects how the viewport clamps & how it scales when screen is larger than world. Don't see any limitations on its size.

Someone more familiar with pixi-viewport could give a more detailed explanation, havent used that plugin myself.

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