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MelonJS + Multiplayer


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Hi all,


I have some experience writing 2d platform games via my own engine from scratch. Obviously, it takes a lot of time to maintain an engine from scratch (for me, at least) to the point of where I can easily reuse it in future projects. Also, I don't have too much experience in multiplayer games, but I want to give it a go.

My question(s): 

1. Is MelonJS the right choice for writing a nice multiplayer 2d platform shooter? I was looking into MelonJS because of it's ability to easily work with Tiled generated maps. That can come in handy a lot with the development of such a game. 

2. I've noticed there's not truly too much about the multiplayer side of things when it comes to MelonJS. A showcase here and there, but other than that, doesn't seem like too much support? Ideally, on a shooter, a lot fo server side things need to be taken into account to stop the risk of cheating as much as possible. Anyone have any input on things like that? Specifically, are there any examples of MelonJS being used as a multiplayer game?

In addition:

I realize writing a multiplayer game is a huge undertaking and can lead to me being way over my head. However, it's my goal to write a specific game and I am willing to learn as much as I can during that process. 

Any information is welcome and greatly appreciated.


Thank you!

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