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Drag and Drop Dialog Trees and More


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Hi Everyone,

Today I wanted to present a little project I'm working on called Drago.

It's a Vanilla JS drag and drop code editor - for use with html5 game engines. The idea is, you build out "common" re-usable blocks and then use them to construct script like dialog or AI trees.

The project right now is quite limited having been used for personal projects so a lot of the extended code is not in the demos or git right now.

The reasion I wanted to share this post is to find out if people have any need for this kind of thing, if there would be anything specific their looking for - or a tool which fills the same requirements with a gap?

Note: This is still extremely POC and is subject to huuuuge sweeping changes in the future

Dialog Editor Demo: https://ajamdonut.github.io/Drago/editor_blueprint.html?mode=dialog&fresh=true&example=dialog

Full Fat Demo: https://ajamdonut.github.io/Drago/editor_blueprint.html?mode=dialog&fresh=true

Github: https://github.com/aJamDonut/Drago

My twitter: @AJamDonut


Thanks for checking it over and look forward to any feedback!


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