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Developer needed for Project - $4k - Technical assistance given


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We are an education publishing company located in the US and are in need of extra help to extend our line of WebGL based games and activities for students. We currently have a project ready to start for the right candidate. here's the description:

We are looking for a talented Software Developer with WebGL-based, 2D game development experience. You will implement additional features to one of our in-house Game Web Applications using our existing WebGL framework (similar to PixiJS).

You must have:

  1. A portfolio of WebGL-based web applications or games.

  2. Advanced knowledge of Typescript.

  3. Advanced experience in NodeJS-based development.

  4. Ability to implement UI based on design specifications.

  5. Ability to communicate in English, spoken and written.

Nice to have:

  1. Git and Bitbucket experience and branching strategy familiarity.

  2. Jira experience.

You will be provided close technical and design guidance during the entire length of this 3-milestone project.

Estimated project length: 1 month at 20 hours/week.

Total price: $4000

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