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Simple Questions on 2.0.0


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List of questions because if i posted per issue it would fill the forum. So:


1) Smoother jumping in p2 physics? My player basically teleports airborne and floats back to the tilemap.


2) My tilemap is a single layer with the collisions set on certain tiles. So why is my player stuck on non-collide tiles?


3) Is the gravity supposed to be set to a value of 5000? Thats the only way i can get the player to have a smoother transition of gravity. That or i set the gravityScale to between 8 and 20.


4) player.body.onFloor() doesnt work? Neither does touching or blocked. Is this different syntax to use properly now?


5) Is there a post or something with a full review of what is and isnt going on? i have the examples and i have the docs too. I always try to read and fix as i go but since the new phaser is pretty big im calling for any info. Thanks

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if you are trying to make a typical platformer (jumpNrun) game you may find my demo useful



 i'm still in the learning phase of phaser.. so i'm a common n00b ;-)

 right now im creating a showcase demo plattformer (mario clone) for my students as an example so they can look at the code and get the idea 


here it is online: 



i'm updating this whenever i implemented something new or found a better way to do things..

working right now:

#tilemaps with different layers and different collisiongroups and materials for each layer

#timer events (create flying bullets)

# parallax

# playeranimations

# sounds and music

# detect mobile (fullscreen, virtual gamecontroller)

# jump only on ground

# die, win

# jump on questionmarks and collect coins

# states (boot, preload, level1, win)

# preloadbar

# moving platforms

# shooting fireballs


and so on..

hope it helps..

questions and suggestions welcome !!

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there is already a thread about the "stick to the side" problem..   http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/4807-physics-bodies-stick-when-colliding-from-the-side/#entry29457

and of course there are several other "problems" right now.. but i hope to solve them all over time :)  


rich said he would post an example for a moving plattform that doesn't need the mass of a mountain and i really hope i find a way to use something as easy to use as "tweens" to tween my enemies in the world and i want to create platforms to jump through but land on..  and so on..  typical supermario stuff :)

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