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How to resolve collision without either physics bodys being pushed?


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I'm making a game with Arcade physics where I want it so two moving objects are not able to push each other on collision. The default Phaser behavior is that the body with the most force / velocity will push the other. Here's a crude diagram showing what I mean:


I've tried setting both bodies to be not pushable (through body.pushable = false), one body to be not pushable and the other to be immovable, both immovable, etc. and none of the combinations seem to work how I want it.

Is what I want possible with default behaviours? It seems odd that it wouldn't be since I can see many use cases for this.

A similar question has been asked before in the thread below but it looks like no one there was able to figure it out.

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Found a solution I think.

I got what I desired by setting both bodies to not be pushable (body.pushable = false) and then making sure to set their velocities to 0 when they're touching.

Also I just realized how dead this side of the forum is. I guess I'd be better off just using the Discord or other forum.

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