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PixiJS and VueJS dragging graphic objects


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I am trying to work with PixiJS events inside a Vue component following the example here:


Vue component template:

    <div ref="holder">
        <canvas id="pixi"></canvas>

Vue component script:


    import * as PIXI from 'pixi.js'

    export default {
        data() {
           app: null,
           widgets: [
             {x: 5, y: 20}, {x: 55, y: 120}, {x: 245, y: 220}, {x: 415, y: 435},
        mounted () {
            var canvas = document.getElementById('pixi')
            let app = new PIXI.Application({
                                                width: 500,
                                                height: 500,
                                                antialias: true,
                                                transparent: true,
                                                view: canvas

            let sprite = new PIXI.Sprite.from("../assets/img/canvas.jpg");
            sprite.width = this.$refs.holder.clientWidth;
            sprite.height = this.$refs.holder.clientHeight;

            this.widgets.forEach(widget => {
                let graphics = new PIXI.Graphics();
                graphics.height = 24;
                graphics.width = 24;
                graphics.beginFill(0x1278BA, 1)
                graphics.drawCircle(0, 0, 12);
                graphics.buttonMode = true;
                graphics.interactive = true;
                graphics.hitArea = new PIXI.Circle(0, 0, 12);

                graphics.position.x = widget.x;
                graphics.position.y = widget.y;
                        .on("click", this.widgetClick),
                        .on('mousedown', this.widgetDragStart)
                        .on('touchstart', this.widgetDragStart)
                        // events for drag end
                        .on('mouseup', this.widgetDragEnd)
                        .on('mouseupoutside', this.widgetDragEnd)
                        .on('touchend', this.widgetDragEnd)
                        .on('touchendoutside', this.widgetDragEnd)
                        // events for drag move
                        .on('mousemove', this.widgetDragMove)
                        .on('touchmove', this.widgetDragMove);

       methods: {
           widgetClick: function(e) {
               console.log("click", e.target)
           widgetDragStart: function(e) {
               console.log("start", this, e.target);
               this.data = e.data;
               this.alpha = 0.5;
               this.dragging = true;
           widgetDragEnd: function(e) {
               console.log("end", e);
               this.alpha = 1;
               this.dragging = false;
               // set the interaction data to null
               this.data = null;
           widgetDragMove: function(e) {
               console.log("move", e);
               if (this.dragging)
                   var newPosition = this.data.getLocalPosition(this.parent);
                   this.position.x = newPosition.x;
                   this.position.y = newPosition.y;


Issues I have are

In the drag event handlers 'this' is the Vue context, I can't see how it could ever be a Pixi object / context even if this was decoupled from a Vue component.
So in the dragmove eventhandler as it stands above it fails with as this.parent is undefined

If I change the documented example for the drag move event handler to be like below dragging one widget drags all the widgets together:

widgetDragMove: function(e) {
    if (this.dragging)
         var newPosition = this.data.getLocalPosition(e.currentTarget);
         e.currentTarget.position.x = newPosition.x;
         e.currentTarget.position.y = newPosition.y;


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