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Random missing textures


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So probably the only reason I see this bug is because I do not have a render loop.  I render as needed.  This is a case where I move my finger across the game board.  As my finger passes over an interactive object, it renders once to add a highlight and renders again to remove the highlight as my finger passes or is released.  This may cause a texture to be missed somewhere else in the scene.  It is not every time, but it can be reproduced consistently with multiple attempts.  It might be a sprite from a spritesheet like this or a whole image like the game board.  I have only observed this on multiple Android devices with Chrome.  I have not observed this on PC.

The attached image is an example where we have a knight showing its red trim, but not the rest of it (making it look transparent) and the shadow underneath seems to be missing as well.  All three parts are in the same spritesheet as different textures although the red trim has a color matrix filter applied to it.

I am using pixi 6.20, but have observed this same behavior in pixi 5 as well.  It seems like a pixi bug affecting only android devices.  What would you like to know to narrow down the root cause?


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After more observation, it is possible that the textures are misplaced rather than missing.  Again, it is random.  One render may place them in the right place, next wrong place, next right place again... all without me directly modifying the display objects.  Still, let me know if you can think of an assertion or any other test to try to figure out the root cause.

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