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pixi-viewport: Scale ratio on mobile devices / Fullscreen


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Hi everyone!

i made a new pixi project with pixi-viewport, which i based on this fullscreen demo:



Now i tested it on various smartphones, and on some phones (google pixl 3, samsung s10e, others...) its scale ration is distorted, so the red rectangle which should be a square is displayed higher than broad.

Since its happening to the demo as well that i took as starting point, i think the problem should be reproducable there.

Does anyone has an idea what could cause that?

Greetings & thanks a lot for any idea!



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Solved: No idea why but this solved the issue:


const resolution = Math.min(window.devicePixelRatio, 2);
app = new PIXI.Application({


   resolution: resolution || 1,
   antialias: resolution <= 1



Try and error did it, any reasons why it worked are still appreciated :)

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