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Phaser.Group#setAll that checks if the children of the group are groups themselves


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While I was working on my game, I hacked the Phaser.Group#setAll method so that if it contains groups, the setAll method is recursivelly called for them as well


If anyone wants it, it's here :)

/*** This function allows you to quickly set the same property across all children of this Group to a new value.* The operation parameter controls how the new value is assigned to the property, from simple replacement to addition and multiplication.** @method Phaser.Group#setAll* @param {string} key - The property, as a string, to be set. For example: 'body.velocity.x'* @param {*} value - The value that will be set.* @param {boolean} [checkAlive=false] - If set then only children with alive=true will be updated.* @param {boolean} [checkVisible=false] - If set then only children with visible=true will be updated.* @param {number} [operation=0] - Controls how the value is assigned. A value of 0 replaces the value with the new one. A value of 1 adds it, 2 subtracts it, 3 multiplies it and 4 divides it.*/Phaser.Group.prototype.setAll = function (key, value, checkAlive, checkVisible, operation) {    if (typeof checkAlive === 'undefined') { checkAlive = false; }    if (typeof checkVisible === 'undefined') { checkVisible = false; }    operation = operation || 0;    for (var i = 0, len = this.children.length; i < len; i++)    {        if(this.children[i] instanceof Phaser.Group){            this.children[i].setAll(key, value, checkAlive, checkVisible, operation);        }        else        if ((!checkAlive || (checkAlive && this.children[i].alive)) && (!checkVisible || (checkVisible && this.children[i].visible)))        {            this.setProperty(this.children[i], key.split('.'), value, operation);        }    }}
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