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Educational Game Drag and Drop


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Hi guys, 

Below is a snapshot which shows what I need I'm trying to teach adjectives (converted from nouns) and I would like to make a game which allow visitors to drag and drop the word from the right to the left empty boxes. When there is a match, a green check mark will appear. It would be great if it uses xml files to get the list of words. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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You'll probably find more help if you can show why googling for the answer before asking the question didn't help. You were provided two possible solutions. Did you try googling them, and if so, what was unsuitable about those approaches?

3 seconds googling the above terms got me:




Have you tried these approaches? If the problem is not knowing Javascript, have you done any tutorials? Or tried codeacademy or similar?


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I appreciate the response, but what you did is you provided me with links to separate topics unrelated to each other. I wanted to know how to incorporate xml with html5 using the drag and drop. The links talk about drag and drop without referring to xml. I don't want to use Javascript for this project. Thanks!

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