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First Person View


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first of all, i'am amazed about this forum. Just found about it a few hours ago. Seems i don't have to be ashamed to ask a question. 

I've started to build a simple ray-casting engine with a common canvas-2d in HTML5.



Moving forward i'am changing the approach from

ray-casting to some tree structures to determine the visible surface. I want to learn about the fundamentals of first person games from the 90s. Yeah, another one :)

I'am a bit older and loved to play games like Doom and Duke Nukem 3D. Found out about pixi.js some days ago and searched for some help to implement something

like a 3D Viewport to a 2D world. Maybe some of you know the 2.5D Plugin from https://github.com/phoboslab/TwoPointFive that does the exact same thing. So it wont be a 3D Game.

Can some of you help me find about how to do this with pixi or which topics to read to get in the right direction?


Many thanks :)

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