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How to update BitmapText's text correct way?


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I'm new in game progremming. I was read better than as performance BitmapText instead of Normal font on PixiJS. That's way I prefered BitmapText. I couldn't found detail. both any google searching and that in api documentation for update text as BitmapText.

My way solve that's like is; remove object, create object as updated with new text, object add to child.


import { Application, Graphics, BitmapText } from 'pixi.js'
import {GlowFilter} from '@pixi/filter-glow';

function emit(name:string, payload:any = true, ms=10) {
		gameEvents.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent(name, { detail: payload }));
	}, ms);

const gameEvents = document.createElement('div');

// ....

let playerCoord: BitmapText;

app.loader.add('desyrel', 'desyrel.xml')
		updateCoord(0, 0);

function updateCoord(x=0, y=0) {
	playerCoord = new BitmapText(`X: ${x}, Y: ${y}`, {
		fontName: 'Desyrel', 
		fontSize: 24, 
		align: 'left'
	playerCoord.x = 10;
    playerCoord.y = 10;

function movement(gameObjet: any, stateKeys: any, speed: number = 4) {
	// ....
	updateCoord(gameObjet.position.x, gameObjet.position.y);

// ....

function playerGameLoop(){
	movement(player, stateKeys);	

gameEvents.addEventListener("LOADED_DESYREL_BMAP_FONT", function(){


Above code woking correctly.


But I wanted to learn real game programming architecture with performance. Therefore I want to ask you.


Thank you for interest.

Good works.

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