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HTML5 Game Developer Needed

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About the Project:

ProFair Games powered by MountCoders LLC is a promising and growing company which provides game development, web development and software UI/UX design services. Currently, we are looking for a technical specialist who will work actively with our team to create high-quality HTML5 games.

Technological stack: JS (ES6+), PhaserJS, TypeScript, Webpack, Babel, Gitlab


** Experience developing HTML5 games using PhaserJS, PixiJS or other HTML5 game frameworks
** Fundamental understanding of Javascript concepts and experience working with modern JS (ES6+)
** Experience with Typescript
** Good knowledge of OOP and Design patterns (SOLID/GRASP)
** Practical experience with Git version control (Gitlab, Github, Bitbucket)
** Experience setting up project configuration (Webpack/Babel/Eslint/Tsconfig)
** Experience reading and overviewing other developers` code


** Developing optimized and responsive HTML5 games using the PhaserJS framework
** Creating mathematical models for the games programmatically, using Javascript
** Documenting the games` logic and its implementation
** Proposing technical solutions to problems which come up in the project
** Overviewing other developers` code
** Helping junior developers grow
** Improving code quality for the existing games
** Taking part in the decision making and planning aspect of the project

Personal Traits:

** High sense of responsibility
** Hard Working
** Being Proactive
** Ability to communicate clearly about existing issues
** Ability to work closely with the team

What we offer:

** A competitive salary (depending on your skills and experience);
** Remote work with flexible working hours;
** Paid vacations and sick leaves;
** An interesting project with good career growth opportunities.

If you are interested in this position, please send an email with your CV to [email protected]

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