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Coding HTML/PHP/Javascript Browser games from early 2000s


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Hello there,

I am new to here and also generally quite new to scripting and programming. I would like to create my own browser based game like the ones that were popular in the early 2000s. Think Gladiatus, Bitefight and, more recently Melvoridle.

As I am new I am looking for help as to what languages I should use. These games were typically coded in html and PHP. Should I do the same? I'm sure I html and javascript would be fine.

I am also looking for advice, tutorials and general help on where I can find relevant information that I can use to help me progress to building such a project.

An outline of what would be required would also help. For example, first build a login page with database of users → move on to XYZ…

Because these games are old and there isn't much interest is developing them I can't find much information about it. Hopefully, someone here can point me in the right direction.

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