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[b]Текстовая инструкция по чекеру/Checker manual[/b]

[b]Русская инструкция[/b]
Инструкция Paranoid Checker 2.3.0
Для покупки https://t.me/Checker_support
[b]English instruction[/b]
Paranoid Checker Manual 2.3.0
To buy it contact - https://t.me/Checker_support

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Тема актуальна успейте приобрести чекер с максимальной выгодой, чекер работает отлично и все заявленные функции отрабатывает.

За покупкой пишите в телеграм всегда онлайн https://t.me/s/Checker_support
The topic is relevant, have time to purchase a checker with the maximum benefit, the checker works perfectly and fulfills all the declared functions.

For a purchase, write to telegram always online https://t.me/s/Checker_support

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Актуальные цены Paranoid Checker на 09.02.23

Все обновления бесплатны. Для старых клиентов стоимость аренды всегда будет оставаться прежней.

Пересмотрена политика ценообразования. Теперь ещё более выгодно!
• 1 неделя - 15$
• 2 недели - 25$
• 1 месяц - 40$
• 3 месяца - 100$
• 6 месяцев - 170$

Цены будем повышать постепенно.

Способы оплаты: Crypto (BNB не принимаем)

Contact: https://t.me/Checker_support

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Актуально по всем вопросам и за покупкой чекера пишите в телеграм https://t.me/Checker_support
Скоро будут обновления по чекеру.
Actual for all questions and for the purchase of a checker, write to telegram https://t.me/Checker_support
Checker updates coming soon.

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Для более подробной информации о чекере:
Купить: https://t.me/Checker_support


For more information about the checker:
Buy: https://t.me/Checker_support

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Тема актуальна - Чекер продается для более подробной информации: https://t.me/s/paranoid_checker
Купить - https://t.me/Checker_support
Hot topic - Checker is on sale for more details: https://t.me/s/paranoid_checker
Buy - https://t.me/Checker_support

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[b]Paranoid 4.0.2[/b]

1. Facebook, Google Pay, Google Ads have been rewritten and are now checked on request.
2. Google Ads - now it better detects accounts where the advertising account is not fully created or you can enter the account only after enabling 2FA.
3. Google Pay - improved detection of ads account.
4. New services added: Steam, Ebay, Google Keep.
5. All old services have also been updated.
6. Added the ability to check folders with cookies.
7. Added the ability to check cookies with the .json extension (not to be confused with the json format inside the .txt file, this feature has been around for a long time).
8. Mega, Discord, cPanel - optimized check for these services from .txt file.
9. Changed the thread system - now it has become more understandable for users.
10. Changed the progress system - now it is also more understandable.
11. Added the ability to pause the check process.
12. Check process updated from serial to parallel - check speed increased up to 10 times for some modules.
13. Added a new function - Browser Manager, the ability to open cookies in the browser.
14. The function of duplicates has been remade.

And many more little details.

[b]We are waiting for your feedback![/b]

[i]The new version is much faster. Be careful when setting up a large number of threads using a small number of proxies. Some services may complain about frequent requests from the same proxy and the results may be worse.[/i]

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