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Hi all!


I've been working on a Cheetah3D scene exporter for babylon.js the last days, and it's available on my github for you to have fun with it : https://github.com/Calebsem/Cheetah2Babylon


What's supported right now :

  • mesh export with functional transform, naming and parenting
  • multicamera export (only perspective, no support for orthogonal right now)
  • light export with all babylon type managed :
    • Cheetah3D spot light is a babylon spot (duh)
    • Cheetah3D distant light is a babylon directional light
    • Cheetah3D ambiant light is a babylon hemispheric light
    • every other type is a babylon point light
    • supports diffuse and specular color
    • rotations must be on the -Y axis
  • materials export:
    • supports diffuse, emissive and specular color (plus specular power as "shininess")
    • supports only diffuse textures, Cheetah3D api is realy sparse on that

It still is a bit sketchy but has proven very useful for simple to very complex scenes. So if you currently use this software and wish to try exporting some static scenes to babylon, you're welcome to do so and send me some feedbacks! Also feel free to check my blog, as I will update it in case of major changes or new features!


Have a nice day!


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