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please help - starting out easelJS/adobe Animate/HTML5 Canvas is like reading sand


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Hi team,

So I have a tutorial (paid) but I am trying to understand something that I don't know what is going on.. I am (trying to be) running the interaction from a game.js file where all the code will be stored.  I think I have worked out how to set up a web server and run the project as an index file (otherwise the interactions being read from the game.js file do not work)- this seems like a PITA but I have it working now.

So I have started a new project.  I have a movie clip that has two frames in it (off and on) and the switch moves depending on if the light is off or on.  Then I have a button instance name gobutt that can be used to call the lightAndSwitch movie clip to be on or off - 

here is the code


class Game{
    constructor(exportRoot, stage){
        this.root = exportRoot;
        this.stage = stage;
        const game = this;
        this.root.gobutt.on('click', function(){

So its all connected - no errors being thrown, but it doesn't work!

This is the same pathway as the example given (That works) but I am changing something by making my own project.  How do I address the button and the movie clip from the game.js file?

Thanks for your help


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