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using puttile to make an 'empty' tile


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In 1.1.6 i could build up a tilemap by using Tilemap.putTile(tile,x,y,layer). I itterated over my grid and put the tiles in he layers, and when there was no tile in the layer (like when it is a wall-layer and at this tile there is no wall) I could enter null for the tile parameter (otherwise a number which is the tileset index), and there would be no tile rendered.

Now in 2.0.1 when i try the same i get the following errror:

TypeError: this.map.tiles[tile.index] is undefinedset = this.map.tilesets[this.map.tiles[tile.index][2]];

Is there a new way to set a tile to null, or an old way I don't know about?

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