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DragonBones broken with PIXI v7.1.1


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DragonBones is no longer working with PIXI v7, i have attached screenshots of the error am getting, any idea what might be causing this because from the error am getting the season doesn't seem to be PIXI directly but something about syntax ?

I have been trying to do modifications myself but nothing seems to fix the issue even removing the e.apply part just gives another error on another place which is probably caused by me removing that part or not.

Searched on stackoverflow but couldn't find anything related directly to the issue am having.

I know the dragonbones pixi library hasn't been updated since PIXI v5 however it worked good up to v6 however i doubt there is going to be any update regarding v7 so if anyone has any ideas what is causing the issue am having it would be really helpful for me.



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