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Can PixiJS be used to do something like everyonedraw-dot-com?


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I want to challenge myself and do a small and simple infinite pixel drawing canvas – like everyonedraw.com.

I'm a hardcore backend Golang developer so frontend game and gfx development is very foreign. Before going down a massive rabbit hole just to learn something new, is PixiJS the right library to build an infinite canvas for people to draw on?

Obviously, there is a dynamic viewport (zoom, coordinates, dimensions) and dynamic tile map loading, but also the possibility to draw pixels on it.

Would love some pointers if you have any!

Thank you!


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Yes, PixiJS can be used to create an infinite canvas for people to draw on similar to everyonedraw.com. PixiJS is a powerful 2D rendering engine that allows for the creation of interactive graphics and animations in a web browser.

To create an infinite canvas, you can use the PixiJS TilingSprite object which allows for seamless tiling of a texture across a container. You can dynamically load new tiles as the user navigates around the canvas using the viewport's zoom and coordinate dimensions.

You can also use PixiJS's graphics API to draw pixels on the canvas. The graphics API allows you to draw basic shapes such as rectangles and circles, as well as more complex shapes like polygons and curves.

As a starting point, you can check out the PixiJS documentation and examples to get familiar with the library and its capabilities. You can also find some tutorials online that demonstrate how to create a drawing canvas using PixiJS.

I hope this will help you.

Good luck with your project!

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