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How to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud API to connect with my SQL server?

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I need to use C# to do an HTTP POST request to acquire an access token, but I have no idea how to do it. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for marketers that allows them to create and manage marketing relationships and campaigns with customers. I need to run this sample code in C#:

POST https://auth.exacttargetapis.com/v1/requestToken
Content-Type: application/json

"clientId": "gyjzvytv7ukqtfn3x2qdyfsn",
"clientSecret": "************"

I am using SSIS 2008r2, I want to write c# code to make an API call to the exact Target API to connect to the SQL server database. Because I want to pull data from the SQL server to the marketing cloud. I didn't find any article about using SSIS to connect Marketing cloud.....the salesforce marketing cloud rest API or FuelSDK looks like it only supports .net 4 or higher.

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Hi! The best way to accomplish this would be to use the C# HttpClient library to make an HTTP POST request. This is a sample code snippet that you can use:

using System;

using System.Net.Http;

using System.Text;

using Newtonsoft.Json;

namespace SampleCode


class Program

{ static void Main(string[] args)


// Create an HttpClient object

HttpClient httpClient = new HttpClient();

// Prepare the request body data

string requestBody = "{\n" +

"\"clientId\": \"gyjzvytv7uk

Recommend read this blog https://mlsdev.com/blog/app-development-cost

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