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Problem using Pixi.js Texture.fromURL for large Images


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I have a problem displaying large images (larger than 4k) in Pixi Canvas. 

I use the Texture.fromUrl method to read in images. When I output the resulting Texture object, it always has the same width and height for larger images, which does not correspond to the image itself.

  public static async createTexture(path: string): Promise<Texture> {
    const texture = await Texture.fromURL(path);
    texture.rotate = 8;
    return texture;

I have already found out that when displaying larger images, I should split the texture object into TilingSprites and add them to the container instead of adding the whole texture object to the container. Unfortunately I don't know how to do this, since I don't get the full image information from Texture.fromUrl and thus can't split the image into TilingSprites.

Have I misunderstood something?
Does anyone know a solution for this?
I'm using PixiJS 6.5.8, if that matters.

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