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Can I load images (not textures) with AssetLoader


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In my project I use PixiJS with Svelte. Before initializing the PixiJS app I have a page (svelte component) in which I  load all assets with help of AssetLoader.

import { Assets } from 'pixi.js';

const bunny = await Assets.load('/images/bunny.png');

Then I want to use loaded files in img tag like so

<img src="/img/bunny.pg" />

In this case image downloaded second time. Is any way to get path to downloaded file from Textures which i can use in src of img tag?Or may be any ways to modify AssetLoader config?

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loadTextures.load = async function (
      url: string,
      asset?: LoadAsset<IBaseTextureOptions<any>>,
      loader?: Loader,
    ) {
      let src;
      const res = await fetch(url);
      const blob = await res.blob();
      const blobUrl = URL.createObjectURL(blob);

      store.set({ ...defaultState, data: blobUrl }); // save url to blob file which i can use in scr attribute of img

      await new Promise((resolve) => {
        src = new Image();
        src.crossOrigin = this.config.crossOrigin;

        src.src = blobUrl;
        if (src.complete) {
        } else {
          src.onload = (): void => {

      const base = new BaseTexture(src, {
        resolution: utils.getResolutionOfUrl(url),

      base.resource.src = url;

      return createTexture(base, loader, url);

I find solution to rewrite loadTextures.load function but I think it's not good way because it not support web workers  

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Posted (edited)

I would rather make the middleware which will save image to store after the've being loaded.


// Chainable `use` to add a middleware that runs for each resource, *after* loading that resource. // This is useful to implement custom parsing modules (like spritesheet parsers, spine parser, etc).


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It's only works with https://api.pixijs.io/@pixi/loaders/PIXI/Loader.html

But Pixi 7.2.0 uses https://pixijs.download/dev/docs/PIXI.Assets.html

I try to make extension for loadParser https://pixijs.download/dev/docs/PIXI.Assets.html but It's not working. Extension not intercept the process

// add extension before loading assets
				extension: {
					type: ExtensionType.LoadParser,
				test(url) {
					return utils.path.extname(url).includes('.png')
				async load(url) {
					return fetch(url) // no idea how to do it


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