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How to display the timer with commas/dots?


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If I write game.time.events.add(Phaser.Timer.SECOND * 60, myFunction, this); and then display its duration in a text, it will display "60000", and then "59999" and so on. I'm having a hard time trying to display it like "60,0", "59,9", "59,8" and so on.


The closest thing I got was writing .toLocaleString() at the end of it, like: timerText.setText("Time left: " + game.time.events.duration.toLocaleString()); Then it displays: "60.000", "59.999", "59.998". 


I just couldn't figure a way to cut out those last two numbers! 


What would be the best way to handle this?


Edit: I guess this is the wrong forum, because it's not really phaser-related. Sorry.

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I think this should work:

game.time.events.add(Math.floor(Phaser.Timer.SECOND) * 60), myFunction, this);

Math.floor rounds down so I'm assuming that should work. Give it a go and see anyway :)


Thanks for the asnwer.


Using Math.floor helps if I put it like Math.floor(game.time.events.duration.toLocaleString())


Now it displays like: "60", "59", "58"... without the decimals.


I'm taking a look in RegExp (confusing!), maybe that will be cleaner than using floor + toLocaleString. But for now, I'll use floor, thanks!

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Thanks for your time again!


That works (sort of). 


I tried to make a gif so you could see, but it didn't work. So I'll describe. It goes like this:





1           (it doesn't show the 1.0  I was hoping ): )






From 1 to below things start to break. But I'm pretty sure it is the toLocaleString() that is causing. I don't really know how it works properly so I'm just making my code a mess. So I'm back to square one, I guess.


I'll have to find another way to format the time.events.duration. I'll try some other stuff, thanks!

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Well, what you said worked, but then I couldn't fix the problem that occurred when timing < 1


Then I tried something and it worked perfectly. Way simpler than putting toLocaleString()


It's this: 


var timing = game.time.events.duration / 1000



Now it works fine! Instead of putting a comma in 60000, I actually transformed 60000 into 60, so when timing < 1 it would actually be less than 1, and not 999.


Thanks for helping me.

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I'm using a timer to show the players how much time they have left. And toFixed(1) gives me one value after the comma (actually dot, in this case), as I asked in the main post. Anyway, I had to change my code because toLocaleString() wasn't changing the value itself, only the display of it. So when it was shown 1 it was actually 1.000, and that's why it would go 999..998..997 after. 


At least that what I understood, maybe I'm incorrect.


So I decided to really change the value I was getting by dividing it by 1000, so it would not only look like the number I wanted, but also value the number I wanted.


For instance:


In some point the duration will be 57895, and if I divide by 1000 and then do toFixed(1):

timing = 57895 / 1000;



It will return: 57.9


57.9 seconds!


That's the number I wanted. 


Thanks for the help.

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