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PixiJS bullet decal to renderTexture when alpha


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Finally I could create a bullet decay effect with renderTexture, I attached the image. There is a black ammoBox texture, and I render to it a red slpash texture. It works nice, but when I apply a blurFilter to the red splash sprite I cannot see it, I only can see the black ammoBox. I guess, it is because the red splash sprite becomes alpha (without the SRC_ATOP blendmode I see the image well, just little blurry, as expected).

What can I do to achiveve similar effect and also can use it with blurFilter? So my goal is, I have a sprite, like an ammoBox, it has transparent parts, I do not want to copy anything to the transparent parts, but any other part I want to copy my image (even if it has alpha in it).

Thank you!


        const brick=new Sprite(textures["ammoBox.png"]);        
        const wheelRenderTexture = RenderTexture.create({width: brick.width, height: brick.height});
        const wheelRenderSprite = new Sprite(wheelRenderTexture);

        this.app.renderer.render(brick,{renderTexture: wheelRenderTexture, clear: false});

        const splash=new Sprite(textures["splash.png"]);         
        splash.filters=[new BlurFilter(1)]; //With this it not works :(
        this.app.renderer.render(splash,{renderTexture: wheelRenderTexture, clear: false});



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