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How to remove tiles form TileMap?

Luke JL

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I'm trying to make a strategy tiled-based game, where each tile can be terrain or building (eg. road, meadow, forrest, road, farm, barracks, woodcutter hut etc.)


I want to create a user interface, where player would have various tools e.g. "build", "bulldoze/destroy" so that he/she could change the landscape of the game and create buildings etc..


Technicaly -  to put new tiles on map I'm using map.putTile. And this works OK.


But... How can I remove a tile? The problem is I don't see in TileMap an option to remove tiles, so I started wondering: am I doing it wrong? Should I use TileMap to create objects like farm or road that can be destroyed during gameplay?


Or maybe there is a way to remove an individual tile from map?


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