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Recycling tiles using RenderTexture.


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I have some trouble using the RenderTexture. I'm making a side scrolling game with procedural map generation. At this point I've got a working prototype of the map rendering, but it keeps adding new images, thus clogging the memory. Ideally I want to kill any image that reaches a negative x-value and revive new map tiles just outside the canvas (in the positive direction). At this point I'm wokring with my images via a group.


Why RenderTexture? Well, since the map generation is randomized, I need to change the (sheet) frame of the image upon revival in order to change the map, RenderTexture seems perfect for this using loadTexture([image], [random frame]) Is it?


How exactly do I initialize a RenderTexture with an arbitrary amount of frames? Do I ned to initialize an Image first (which references the tilesheet), then pass it to RenderTexture?


How do I identify which individual Image is placed in the negative x-values


Honestly, I'm not even sure if you people can decipher what I'm asking for, so to make it really short and concise:
I need to kill images in the negative x-space, revive them in the positive x-space (just outside the canvas) and then change their frame.

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